You can't help a dang soul if...

  • no one knows what you're offering and how to reach you.
  • your message is muddled.
  • you're not bringing in a substantial, sustaining income.


I'm a Holistic Nutrition Specialist, hypnotherapist & life coach.

Using the foundational principles of nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and positive psychology we co-create the soul of your brand and then turn it into an aesthetic representation of your message.


"I cannot thank Tory enough for the work that she did to bring my blog and website to life. 

When choosing to work with an individual to design something that is so important to you, it is essential that they understand you as a person and the vision that you hold.  She took the time to do just that. 

Tory is not only a wonderfully talented woman and visual curator, but a loving and compassionate human being. "

- Emmy Katz, Wellness Coach at 


I can help you.

Happy clients & World-Changers


Emmy Katz Wellness | Portsmouth, NH

Sarah Oleson Yoga | Newburyport, MA

Buckley Body Solutions | New York City, NY

Siren Salon | Portsmouth, NH