Get ready for a powerful week of personal evolution. 

Tropical Transformation integrates holistic health and yoga throughout a 7-day series of hands-on workshops, classes, and tailored cultural experiences.

Expect to explore your sense of self, create healthy intentions, and cultivate self practices to encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyle shifts. 

This unique program fuses Vinyasa Flow yoga with intimate wellness coaching sessions, group workshops, healing practices and rituals, and a ‘community service give-back’ initiative. 
You will enjoy a like-minded and supportive community, organic farm-to-table vegan & vegetarian meals, rejuvenating yoga, and the natural, potent energy of the pristine, Pacific coast of Mexico.
Expect to return home feeling physically and mentally detoxed with a genuine understanding of true wellness and growth that will continue to influence you long after you’ve left the beach.


Tory is passionate about sustainable food practices (with Earth & the body), and using holistic nutrition to realize our greatest personal potential. 

Tory is an energy healer with a big bag of tricks. Using humor, movement, nutrition and positive psychology, she guides her clients to live authentically— in alignment with their individual optimal health, vitality and joy. 

Her workshops are a blend of storytelling, dance, lecture and peer coaching. Through sharing tools and techniques, Tory empowers her students to tackle life’s obstacles with grace and gratitude.

Tory believes ‘this is the fun stuff’ and there’s delicious wisdom in all of life’s twists & turns.

Tory has a reality-rocking, entrepreneurial spirit and currently lives in San Diego. She writes for several health publications, is the in-house Holistic Nutrition Specialist for a chain of juice cafes on the East Coast, is a children's book author, and hosts international wellness retreats.

Lauren is passionate about holistic health, exploring the world and empowering others to live vibrant and happy lives. 

She is a sun chaser, loves adventure, lives for connection and indulges in simple pleasures. 

Lauren first stepped onto a yoga mat while in University during the bitter cold New England winters and soon after graduating, fulfilled her dream of traveling to India. Her experience in India fed a fast growing appetite for yoga and she never looked back. Lauren is dedicated to teaching the Lauren is dedicated to teaching the tradition of Yoga in ways that are accessible and inspiring.

Her classes are a blend of alignment-based and creative Vinyasa Flow, and reflect a fusion of breath, movement, stillness and philosophy. Through intelligence sequencing and intuition, she encourages students to safely explore their bodies and breath. Lauren effortlessly holds the space for individual growth and community connection — her classes leave students feeling expansive, enlivened and inspired. 

Yoga reminds her daily to serve others with integrity and love. 

Lauren is a natural born explorer who lives among many countries teaching, practicing and learning. She follows her heart and shares her journey through her many projects and collaborations. She is founder of Raise Your Beat (online platform for inspiration through holistic living), Wild Vibes (celebration of music, yoga & art through festivals and retreats that give back to charity), and devoted assistant to Suzanne Faith Yoga (Ibiza based yoga instructor, owner of One Yoga in Vancouver). 

the eco-retreat

Juluchuca is located on the Western Coast of Mexico. It’s one of the few areas that encourage mindful tourism to preserve local communities and rugged landscapes.

Playa Viva is a sustainable boutique hotel that combines simple elegance with natural beauty, and maintains a commitment to improving the environment and the local community. Hidden amongst clean waters of the Pacific with the dramatic Sierra Madre mountain range in the distance, Playa Viva lies on a mile of pristine and private beach.

The property’s nearly 200 acres includes an estuary, an Aztec archeological site, turtle sanctuary, and a coastal forest and mangrove ecosystem which supports an array of stunning wildlife. Playa Viva is easily accessible, yet feels worlds away upon arrival, providing a true immersion into the wonders of nature.

The surrounding landscape, luxurious design, and core values of Playa Viva fuse together to provide a safe and inspiring space to rejuvenate, relax and restore.

"For most of us, we come home from a trip feeling rejuvenated and inspired to make a change only to find that inspiration fade. Before we know it it seems as though that trip or seminar never happened. This was most certainly not the case with Tropical Transformation. Over a month has passed and I smile each day as I think back on what was truly a transformative adventure.

But a retreat such as this is only as great as its leaders. Tory and Lauren are not simply organizers of a trip, they are teachers, mentors and motivators. The care, attention, professionalism and dedication shown was above and beyond.

But it was the connectivity and friendship that blossomed that made this not simply a trip but an amazing journey. Personally, it was the exact medicine I was looking for, infusing me with the strength, empowerment and energy I was searching for. From the exceptional yoga classes to the thought provoking workshops and sessions, to the camaraderie within the group - one thing was better than the next. I've never taken a yoga class before and I left with a love and appreciation. I never thought much about caring for my health and I left with a deeper understanding of the importance of both physical and mental health, along with nuggets of wisdom that I can easily apply into my everyday life.

Prior to this trip I was feeling tired, beat and I felt as though I lost a certain spirit and energy I always had. Through Tory and Lauren's unwavering kindness and dedication, this retreat helped me reconnect and tap back into a strength I had inside of me all along. All adventures must come to an end, but it's the truly transformative ones that leave you feeling as though it's just the beginning."

- Orly Wahba | CEO of Life Vest Inside

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