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You are The Traditionalist!

About You (your strengths):

You’re the leader who is all about order! Structure and staying organized are very important to you—you feel they are an integral part in the road to creating and maintaining success. You’re probably the most organized one in the workplace, right? You feel that everything has a particular place—objects on your desk, shoes in your shoe rack, people in their job roles, etc. One of your skills is managing a team and making sure everyone is in the place that makes the most sense for them.

You’re not much of a rule breaker because you believe rules were created to maintain order and structure. (Did I mention you like structure?)

Aside from that, though, you are loyal, honest and reliable. If you give someone your word, they don’t have to wonder whether you’ll keep it or not. You’re a sturdy, unwavering member of any group you belong to.

People you are similar to include Michelle Obama, Alec Baldwin, Ivanka Trump, Judge Judy and Robb Stark (from Game of Thrones).


Because you believe in rules and doing things by the book, you can be critical of others who don’t necessarily feel the same way. You may have strong beliefs about societal expectations and can borderline on judgmental when people don’t adhere to those.

At times you can be inflexible since you generally have a particular way of doing things. You may struggle with deviating from a schedule, or may have a tough time adapting to or accepting change.

In your adherence to the RULES you miss out on tapping into your own inner wisdom. Do you trust yourself without the rules?

How to Improve:

Sometimes it can help to take a step back and recognize that a situation won’t end in disaster if it doesn’t go the exact way you’d planned. Realizing that others can work differently than you do and still be productive can help you play a bit more nicely. Learning how to use your intuition and trust your gut is something you could benefit from as well. You’d be pleasantly surprised about what your body will tell you when you allow yourself to listen.

Demanding that everyone operate within the confines of your exact strategy makes you a manager, not necessarily a leader. Managing people is exhausting and incredibly limiting - there are only so many hours in the day, you only have so much energy to expend. Learning to recognize the brilliance in those around and delegate according to those gifts are going to invite so much more ease and expansion into your relationships, projects and goals.

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