Jennifer Leah Gottlieb

"Tory Dube has single handedly changed my life. She has this amazing power to make you see things in a totally different light, and get you "unstuck" from even the stickiest situations.

I don't think I can count the number of times Tory has magically turned my entire mindset around within minutes of talking to her. She constantly inspires me to take leaps in my business and personal life that always lead to massive shifts.

This woman practices what she preaches, she is as authentic as it gets and GIVES more than anyone I know. I am so grateful that I met this incredible human. If you don't know Tory, just know that once she enters your orbit your life will completely up level in ways you never knew were possible!"

Jennifer Leah Gottlieb | Elite Trainer & Transformational Coach at JLG Fitness

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Shelly Shenoy

"Tory brought instant awareness to a multitude of ways that I was blocking my own happiness, denying what I was missing in my life and also shed light on how I had been undervaluing myself, professionally.

Now, I’m making more money. And I’m pretty thrilled about it!"

-Shelly Shenoy | NYC Voice Over Expert 

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Orly Wahba

Getting off of a coaching call with Tory doesn't simply inspire me in the moment, she is intentional in providing tangible steps to channeling that inspiration to action. That is what sets her apart from the rest!"

Orly Wahba | Ted Speaker & CEO of Life Vest Inside

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