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 You are the Risk Taker!

About You (your strengths):

Bold, daring and original are some words that could be used to describe you. You don’t let a daydream scare you—in fact, you let it excite, energize and motivate you! You enjoy taking a risk and seeing how it pans out, whether it be in business or in life.

An entrepreneurial spirit and your belief in the potential of things and people is what makes you stand out as a leader. Your boldness is encouraging to others who may be a bit more cautious than you are. Others look at you as the life of the party and your team isn’t afraid to come to you with the problems they’re facing.

You tend to give your team leeway because you don’t like rules yourself! You would rather empower others to use their creativity and experiment with new ideas than hold them to a strict set of guidelines.

People you’re similar to are Meryl Streep, Winston Churchill, Taylor Swift, Malcolm X and Capt. Jack Sparrow.


Because you are easily excited and quick to move, you sometimes overlook the big picture. You can be quick to jump on an opportunity, but may not think it through all the way or take into consideration how it might affect you or others in the long run.

Sometimes your laissez-faire leadership style can make your work environment a bit messy—both physically and mentally!

How To Improve:

You’re a dreamer, but your lack of structure doesn’t allow for your ideas to actually come to fruition. As a visionary, it can be hard to actually execute your plans (especially when there are so many cool, new ideas to chase!) or even want to meticulously think out all the necessary pieces and steps.

To counteract this hastiness, you must learn to calm down (not necessarily slow down). In this space of clarity, you can either hire someone to execute for you - or learn to execute for yourself. But one thing isn’t going away: in the adrenaline-fueled state you LOVE, it’s hard to maintain relationships and keep consistency in your action. Something has to shift if you want to actually bear the fruits of your labor.

For now, creating and sticking to a basic schedule for consistency would do wonders for you. Watch this quick training video (6 minutes!) to learn 3 new concepts that you can implement today to start generating the results you desire in life and business!

3 Truths About Leadership That Will Change Your Life Forever!


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