"For most of us, we come home from a trip feeling rejuvenated and inspired to make a change only to find that inspiration fade. Before we know it it seems as though that trip or seminar never happened. This was most certainly not the case with Tropical Transformation. Over a month has passed and I smile each day as I think back on what was truly a transformative adventure.

But a retreat such as this is only as great as its leaders. Tory and Lauren are not simply organizers of a trip, they are teachers, mentors and motivators. The care, attention, professionalism and dedication shown was above and beyond.

But it was the connectivity and friendship that blossomed that made this not simply a trip but an amazing journey. Personally, it was the exact medicine I was looking for, infusing me with the strength, empowerment and energy I was searching for. From the exceptional yoga classes to the thought provoking workshops and sessions, to the camaraderie within the group - one thing was better than the next. I've never taken a yoga class before and I left with a love and appreciation. I never thought much about caring for my health and I left with a deeper understanding of the importance of both physical and mental health, along with nuggets of wisdom that I can easily apply into my everyday life.

Prior to this trip I was feeling tired, beat and I felt as though I lost a certain spirit and energy I always had. Through Tory and Lauren's unwavering kindness and dedication, this retreat helped me reconnect and tap back into a strength I had inside of me all along. All adventures must come to an end, but it's the truly transformative ones that leave you feeling as though it's just the beginning."

- Orly Wahba | CEO of Life Vest Inside

Tory brought instant awareness to a multitude of ways that I was blocking my own happiness, denying what I was missing in my life and also shed light on how I had been undervaluing myself, professionally.

Now, I’m making more money. And I’m pretty thrilled about it!

-Shelly Shenoy, NYC Voice Over Expert |




"You made my brands 'cool' with your mission and your voice-- and that's something I can never replace or put a price on."

Alex Vandermark  | Owner of The JuiceryMaine Squeeze and Soupery

Health and Lifestyle coaching aside, there have been very few people in my life who have affected me as significantly as Tory has. There are so many things we acknowledge to be good, or things that we do that we know are bad- yet nothing ever gets us to change our ways. 

I can't quite put my finger on how, but just three months with Tory got me to change every aspect of my lifestyle, attitude and mental state of being- and actually enjoy it in the process. Tory is super comfortable to talk to, cares about your success on an intimate level, and will do everything within her power to ensure that you become the person you aspire to be. 

If any of that resonates with you, then you might as well give her a call, because you're not going to find a single person who can do it better than Tory.

- Stanford University Student

Tory helped me feel comfortable using Squarespace and I can now edit my site whenever I need to, instead of being reliant on a designer. She explains how to represent yourself in a fun, cohesive and authentic way to clients and makes you laugh while doing it!

My new confidence with my business and brand has led me to be an established female entrepreneur in my community. I immediately saw results in client engagement through my website and social media. 

- Sarah Oleson, International Yoga Teacher |

Sarah's Completed Website:

2016 was a year of transformation in my body, mind, and spirit. The Universe knows what our soul needs, and that is why it spoke to me through Tory Dube. Tory is a Holistic, Wellness, Inspirational, Soul Powered, Strong Woman to be heard. She gets down to the nuts and bolts of our core being with her personal experiences, love for humanity, memorable phrases, no holds barred, humble, and humorous personage.

Tory is my teacher, my spiritual angel, and my true friend who I believe was divinely chosen to guide me on my journey. I know the sky is the limit for her and I am excited to watch her fly.

- Charlene Chandler, Yoga Instructor

Tory and the Happy Healthy Power Posse has changed my life. My outlook every day, no matter how it starts, begins and ends with a thought about what is "right" in my life and no longer dwelling on what I feel is "wrong." It's the most refreshing and freeing feeling I've ever had.

Learning to genuinely be grateful not only for the life I've been given, but for understanding that my capabilities for what I want my life to be knows no bounds is the greatest lesson this group has taught me. I feel that I can be successful in whatever I want to do, as long as I DO IT.

I love waking up with daily words of wisdom and personal cheer from the Posse and Tory. Being aware of the fact that you want to better your life is the first step, and should be the most celebrated one. Small victories aren't small at all, and Tory never lets you forget that. I highly recommend this to anyone!

- Meg Breton, Red Cross Club Advisor



"I cannot thank Tory enough for the work that she did to bring my blog and website to life. 

When choosing to work with an individual to design something that is so important to you, it is essential that they understand you as a person and the vision that you hold.  She took the time to do just that. 

Tory is not only a wonderfully talented woman and visual curator, but a loving and compassionate human being. "

- Emmy Katz, Wellness Coach at 

Emmy's Completed Website:

Tory Dube is a total genius of higher consciousness.

Through her immense generosity, she shared stress reduction techniques and healthier, stronger ways of *being* with the amazing young people at our high school in the Bronx, and our whole community is better for it.

Work with her the second you get the chance- it's a radiant, beautiful, elevating experience.

- Jen Gowers, Director of Curriculum at Ascend Charter School in NYC


Through Tory's knowledge, support and kind heart, she offers much more than just nutrition.


I was able to kick my addiction to caffeine, sugar, coffee and sweets. After dedicating several years of my life to chronic headaches day after day, I was ready to change my ways. With all of the new diets coming out these days, it's hard to find one that is actually healthy and one you can trust, rather than a scam or a quick fix that could be harmful to your body. 

Tory has a very balanced view on health and lifestyle choices. She shared with me the healthful value of certain foods that I already enjoyed, but made them even better.

I can attest that after just a weeks of "eating clean," I woke up everyday feeling clearheaded, energized, lighter, overall positivity, no more headaches, even had clearer skin!

Tory reiterates that it's never too late to start making changes for the better to your life. If you want the help from the most kindhearted, selfless person, who you can trust fully, I recommend Tory to you. :) 

- Taylor Dube, Therapeutic Instructor for FirstSteps for Kids, Inc. 

Tory is such an inspiration; from listening to her kindly and endearingly speak about her vast knowledge and experience, to her lovely, embracing enthusiasm! I’ve learned so much about LIVING, and enveloping a healthy lifestyle; from food to exercise to meditation, and finally because of believing in myself,  becoming more physically active and loving life!  

Tory, thank you for all you do to teach, inspire and shine!

- Body Love For Foodies Participant

"Tory is a true bright spot in the world of holistic health and lifestyle coaching. When I started my program with her, I was a shadow of myself-- riddled with anxiety, self-doubt and depression. Tory made me feel that I was worth it. That I mattered. That I wasn't a cog in other people's machines, but that I could be a machine, too. That I could make something-- make a difference. She taught me that habits are the bedrock of healthy living -- food, sleep, exercise. Easy, right? Wrong. Very few people have the self-discipline and self-respect to structure their lives on these principles. Tory sat down with me and aggressively laid out a multi-step plan towards finding myself and discovering my success. When I was feeling down, Tory would sit down with me privately and listen to me as I riddled off my laundry list of bad feelings. In doing so I never felt judged, inadequate or silly. I felt safe. I felt loved. Today, my heart is full when I get out of bed in the morning and my mind is clear. Do yourself a favor and reach out to this incredible woman today. It will change your life."