Hi, I’m Tory

I've shamed, binged, purged, controlled, cried, pushed, strived and starved my way to personal successes.

The billboard would go up, the show would go live, the check would go into my bank account.. and I'd still feel unworthy, wondering what the hell I was missing. 

I'll make this short - that process wasn't working out for me. 

So I read all the books.

Went to all the seminars.

Even went back to school for Mind-Body Transformational Psychology.

The big secret? There’s no secret. The difference between those who succeed and those who spend their life wishing is.. intentional, consistent implementation.

And guess what? You don’t need to fumble your way to that clarity for a decade like I did.

After 10 years of entreprenuership, helping hundreds of brilliant beings upgrade their identity to upgrade their lives, I can help you create the life and business you want.