Hi, I’m Tory

Given the synchronistic, down-right-insane miracles that have come through my life - amidst trauma, heartache and sickness - I won’t ever doubt the power of integrity (ah hem, manifestation kit) + inspired, bold action.

I now live in San Diego with my Broccoli Man and puppy, Rango. We’re tying the knot in October (the two humans, not the dog). (Whole pod about the strange & magnificent unfurling of it all, it’s a good one - listen!)

As the Director of Client Success for Super Connector Media in New York City - I guide experts and entrepreneurs into new levels of leadership, wealth and impact by connecting them to ideal media opportunities.

After running my own coaching practice for 4 years, my greatest dream was to join and lead a team. And have one foot in NYC again…somehow.

So when Super Connector Media offered me the position out of the blue (also another pod, is this getting weird?) I knew this is exactly what I had been asking for.

Now I connect lovers & worldshifters to main stream media. Instead of serving a handful of clients, I now have the capacity to influence millions of people through the brilliance of our epic soul-centered entrepreneurs and experts!

If you’re a lover or worldshifter that’d like to apply to our next premier event connecting experts with the media, click the button below.