You’re fueling yourself with junk

Want to know why I like to start with money in our transformational process? Because it’s easy to move.

Let me reframe this for you for a moment: if you wanted to manifest a live elephant (I KNOW YOU COULD DO IT but) think of all the people & opportunities that’d have to fall into line for this elephant to appear.

An elephant would have to be in your town or we’d have to get you to a town that had an elephant. This could involve an airplane, a boat, who knows! There'd have to be some sort of event that allows elephants and people to be together in a space. Or, there’d have to be an elephant that escaped and arrived into your space. OR you’d have to make friends with someone working intimately with elephants that decides they like you enough to let you touch their elephant.

All totally doable, I’ve seen crazier desires come to fruition— but your logical mind would be going WILD trying to let yourself trust that you could attract an elephant.

Now let’s chat money. How could money find a way to you… this afternoon?

The IRS could send you an unexpected refund (happened to me).

You could win on a scratch ticket.

Your grandma could send you a $10 to say she’s thinking about you.

You could find a $5 bill in the dryer.

Your paycheck may come early because of a bug in the system (happened to me).

A friend could offer to help you with a service that would otherwise cost you money.

You couple stumble upon a $20 bill in the street.

Now admit it: MONEY IS EASY TO MOVE AND YOU’RE WILLING TO BELIEVE IT. And even though the truth is that ALL THINGS are easy to move, your subconscious has to be on the same page.

Did you know your subconscious mind is wired like a little computer? And it’s programmed to a specific outcome based on your past experiences and memories? And just like a computer, it can’t ‘think’ on it’s own, it just works to fulfill the desired outcome?

So, say your (unintentional) wiring points you to: I can’t do this, I am not enough, I don’t know enough, I’ll never have enough…

your subconscious will employ all memories, thoughts, beliefs, impulses and actions to MAKE SURE you reach that exact destination!

Now to you: fueling yourself with junk

Everything is energy, Friend. And when you consume garbage as a reaction to your suffering and your success, you’re taking on that low, trashy vibration all the time.

You’ve got to take care of the machinery you’re in— it’s what allows you to show up in this world, spreading your lovin’ like birdseed. When you’re gunked up with chemicals from processed foods, drugs, alcohol and adrenaline (didn’t know I’d say that one, ay!), you don’t have access to your intuition and inner desires.

Far worse than that, your emotions, thoughts and actions are tossed around by these energies.

Have you ever watched a scary movie and experienced jitters hours after the movie had finished? When you’re constantly using shopping, gossip, junk food, alcohol, and drugs as soul fuel, you’re constantly stuck in a reality that isn’t yours— just like the residual scary movie vibes.

It’s hard enough to always make the empowered, clear-headed choice. You’re doing it while being drugged, in a rain storm, with one eyeball.

Time to tighten up what you allow into that bod, Friend. To have access to your greatest thoughts and actions, you’ve gotta fuel for success.

Here’s how to move through this:

It’s time to find integrity with what’s allowed in your bod. From self-talk, to food, to books, to conversations, to community— if it’s not nourishing, it’s out. Because if it’s not nourishing, it’s toxic— and that toxicity is keeping you blocked, funked & frustrated.

Basically, time to fuel yourself like your life depends on it.

OH HEY, because it does.

Do you think you’re ever going to have access to the soulparters (in life & business!), the dream home, the healthy & energized bod, and the robust bank account if your vehicle to getting there is broken & running on fumes? Ain’t no one got time to cater to that BS, especially you.

So, I ask:

What’s gotta go?

What’s gotta stay?

How can your nourish (even more!) the parts that are staying?

Take some time to answer these questions— and then trust the answers that come through.

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