You're an achiever, and when you know the rules to a game you like to win.

Using your brain and determination to accomplish things comes easily to you.

THAT is why you're freaking infuriated that you haven't figured out this spirituality thing yet

..or the loving your body BS.

And if one more person tells you to try meditation, you're going to toss yourself out the window.

You're overly critical of yourself.. and therefore, others.

You're terrified of intimacy despite wanting to have access to deep connection.

You're prone to anxiety, maybe even anxiety attacks.

You experience big waves of emotion, up & down.

You have a feeling that everything you want is on the other side of an invisible wall you just can't seem to cross.

Most of all-- you just want to feel peace. Is that too much to ask?!


  • Tell you exactly what to eat or do so you can get out of fight or flight mode
  • Give you homework, specific tasks & tools
  • Push you, make you see you’re getting your money’s worth & making progress
  • Show you they’re the real deal, living every word they preach
  • Help you see what you cannot see yet in yourself (yet)
  • Frees you from the discomfort of constant anxiety
  • Show you that they have gone through this too, so they can speak to your specific fears and blocks

Are finally free from shame & resentment.

Can enjoy intimacy with people that inspire & uplift you.

Actually enjoy JOY.

Can find peace within your body, even if it’s not a size 00.

Can understand, in your bones, that you’re the creator of your reality

Know your worth outside of your accomplishments.

Know how to identify when you’re aligned body & soul

Know what to do when you’re not aligned body & soul.

Have physical confidence— can move with intentionality, stand in your power

Have core confidence— the world could crumble around you & you know you’d be OK


And that’s why we, Tory Dube, holistic nutrition specialist and Georgina Durcan, intuitive healer & soul coach have teamed up to create this 5-video foundational course.

While we *know* this experience is essential to the success of any and every profession, it’s most important to note that this course is for *every woman* on the planet. The time is now to find our core confidence, to stand up & love up for ourselves and for our world.

As the Dalai Lama famously said, ‘the world will be saved by the western women.’

We have been blessed with the freedom to speak our truths, we just have to get to those truths.

This course is about discovering the gems that live within us, moving away from masculine striving to the feminine power of surrender, empathy, allowing ourselves to receive what we truly want from our bodies, our relationships, our careers, our family.. ourselves.



Hi, I am Tory Dube.

On paper, I'm a certified holistic nutritionist, hypnotherapist and life coach. In action, I'm a Consoultant, guiding woman away from logic-based striving to soul-centered listening. 

I use nutrition, humor, movement and positive psychology to teach passionate, driven women to settle into their intuition, to push past their edges, to free themselves from their personal prisons of expectation, shame and stress. Clients report experiencing a 'high' during sessions, as I am actually facilitating the elevation of their energy. Once elevated, they have access to clarity, motivation, inspiration, intimacy and creativity-- everything they'd been trying to muscle their way to through their typical means of striving. 

I recently moved to San Diego with my partner, Patrick and I finally feel 'home' near the sun, sea and mountains.

Soul Coach and Intuitive Healer

Hi! I am Georgina. I am a soul coach, healer, teacher, intuitive & spiritual mentor, wife and mother of girl/boy twins. I am blessed to live by the sea in beautiful Greystones, Ireland.

I have over 15 years’ experience and have helped thousands of people around the world move past their fears and limitations to create lives they truly love. I have training as a life coach, reiki master, personal trainer, health and exercise therapist, pilates teacher, nutritional consultant and I am a certified 'train the trainer' coach.


MODULE 1 introduces Georgina & Tory, describing their personal journeys to core confidence and how it's influenced this course.

They discuss the soul and body connection and how to utilize both for living a life of clarity and courage. 

Included: Printable contract



In MODULE 2 Georgina guides you through the pre-requisite foundations for strengthening your soul connection.

Included: Written exercise & mediation audio



In MODULE 3 Tory illuminates the different imbalances we experience in our bodies and how to overcome them. She guides you through gentle nutrition for cleansing to facilitate a deep connection with your inner guidance system. 

Included: A downloadable recipe guide for hasty chefs & printable grocery guide



In MODULE 4 Tory guides you through a process of reframing your bodily experiences so you can detach from fear to settle into trust. 

Included: worksheet & movement exercise to unblock energy




In MODULE 5 Georgina teaches you the two most powerful routes to alignment and connection, providing you with the core confidence to trust in your inherent brilliance. 

Included: worksheet