On paper, I'm a certified holistic nutritionist, hypnotherapist and life coach. 

In action, I'm a transformational coach, guiding you home to your full potential and soul-centered thriving.

Ready to let go of perfection & lean into joy?

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"Tory has such a special way about her; I would call her a true healer. She has helped me step outside of myself so I could get out of my own way and see the things that have been in front of me all along. 

Getting off of a coaching call with Tory doesn't simply inspire me in the moment, she is intentional in providing tangible steps to channeling that inspiration to action. That is what sets her apart from the rest!"

- Orly Wahba | TED Speaker & founder of LifeVestInside

When Tory holds a space for you, she connects and returns you to your absolute truth. She enables you to see your purpose, your potential, your highest level of being and then inspires, excites and empowers you to share the world all that she has brought forth in you. 

Her ability to intuitively connect with what is holding you back, what is blocking you seeing the potential within, is the transformative piece of her work. She has laser precision in being able to target the light and love to the parts of you that need care, attention and healing. You will feel the connection and alignment  in your body, mind and soul. 

- Georgina Durcan | Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer

“Tory brought instant awareness to a multitude of ways that I was blocking my own happiness, denying what I was missing in my life and also shed light on how I had been undervaluing myself, professionally. Now, I’m making more money. And I’m pretty thrilled about it!”

- Shelly Shenoy | nycvocoach.com

Inna Shnayder @Inna.Shnayder-326.jpg
Inna Shnayder @Inna.Shnayder.jpg