Looking to get in touch with Tory for speaking, teaching or podcasting? Email Paulina@torydube.com 🙂


I thought you had your own business? What is Super Connector Media & Unfair Advantage Live?

As of April 2018, I closed the doors on the Excellent Impact Accelerator and the Excellent Example Mindset Academy. I am now the Director of Client Growth for a soul-centered media company in New York City, Super Connector Media. In addition to the numerous ways SCM does PR differently than every other media company, we also host an event twice a year that connects experts to the media. This event is called Unfair Advantage Live - and you can apply for our next event by clicking here.

Do you still speak and teach?

I do not run any of my own programming anymore, but I do travel to speak/teach at masterminds, conventions and festivals. Interested in having me speak? Email Paulina@torydube.com with dates and request and she will help you set that up.

Do you still take private clients?

I do not work with private clients at this time, no.

I purchased a course/was a student of yours and I have a question. How can I get in touch with you?

I love you! Please email Paulina@torydube.com with your questions, she will make sure you get the answer you need. Note: the Simplero portal is closing July 30, 2019. You must download all of your content before that date.

I want to be on your podcast, can I apply?

Every podcast guest is a close friend or a referral from a close friend. That being said, if you’d still like to try, please email Paulina@torydube.com and if the timing is right we will invite you on!

I want you to be on my podcast, how can I get that scheduled?

I’d love to be on your podcast! Please email Paulina@torydube.com so she can get that scheduled.

I want to attend the next Unfair Advantage Live event in New York City - how do I sign up?

And I’d so love to have you apply! Go to this link here, look through the information, submit the application.

Anything else? 🙂 Please email Paulina@torydube.com and she will assist you!