Create The Story You'll One Day Tell with Karissa Kouchis

Karissa, or “KK,” is Tony Robbins top female trainer and performance strategist. At 25-years-old and hand selected by Tony, she’s the youngest woman to ever hold the role and the only woman in the last decade. KK travels across North America 354 days out of the year speaking to a variety of different teams, companies, groups, and organizations on the areas of mindset, success habits, leadership and sales mastery. 

Her unique approach blends her background in organizational communication and theory with human psychology. Karissa’s mission is to ignite others to fearlessly pursue their goals by shattering limitations and living by design rather than by default.

This conversation will leave you with so much energy to take on your day and any challenge in front of you. Through insightful questions, inspiring quotes, and a few gut-belly laughs, KK’s powerful presence will get passed on to you in this podcast. 


Highlights of our conversation:

2:13 - What is the legacy you want to leave?

3:14 - Being the only female trainer in Tony Robbins' company

5:06 - The psychology behind overcoming your limiting beliefs

6:32 - One question to shift your mindset

9:02 - Life before Tony

17:45 - Dealing with constant moments of doubt

21:34 - What to ask yourself when you are ready to give up

22:31 - Diving into "Fake it until you make it."

24:33 - Moving every 3 months

26:09 - What could you change to take care of THIS need?

27:27 - The 3 most common questions KK receives

30:00 - Ripping up your life's timeline

31:58 - KK's biggest professional challenge

34:08 - What are the things that light you up?

37:08 - Is there something beyond the human experience?

42:17 - KK gets her eyes read...

47:46 - Get connected with KK


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