Your business is another tool to heal yourself with Kimberly Borges

Kimberly Borges is a Transformational Branding Coach and her mission is to empower women to turn their story into a brand and business that changes our world. She has gone from homeless teen to corporate accountant to successful entrepreneur and has learned everything it takes to create an intentional life and brand filled with confidence, impact, and wealth.

This episode is for you if:

  • you’re moving through trauma and trying to make sense of it

  • you want to know the single most important question for changing your life & business

  • you suspect you’re addicted to pain and what to do with that information

Highlights of our conversation:

  • 3:15 - Kimberly’s not-so-typical story

  • 8:25 - Kimberly’s rebellious time as an accountant

  • 12:35 - Do you have any regrets? How to own your story.

  • 15:00 - Do we create our trauma?

  • 17:35 - Kimberly explores the micro-details of conquering her trauma

  • 21:28 - How do we hear the messages coming through?

  • 24:02 - Why Kimberly needed to get angry first

  • 25:23 - How Kimberly moved through her anxiety

  • 26:51 - The one question we must ask ourselves

  • 30:00 - Getting past the goal of perfection

  • 31:25 - The first steps to turn your story into a business

  • 34:23 - Kimberly answers the jar of Lols

Find Kimberly

Visit Kimberly’s website, find her on Instagram, or join her Facebook group - “So she did.” Also, look out for her podcast “We need to talk” coming in late August.

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