Homemade high school diploma to HERE with Christin Henke

Christin Henke is an international woman of mystery, known for her straightforward, no-nonsense approach to life, love, and business. She works with entrepreneurs as a high-level launch consultant and project manager. Christin molds the chaos of creative genius into actionable steps, and her ultimate objective is to provide the structure and support business owners need to get out of their own way. She frees business owners to do only the things they can do.

 If you follow her multi-layered, technicolored journey online, you will also discover her passion for women’s health and wellness, her radical self-acceptance, her pro-aging, and sacred sexuality. Christin loves contributing to important conversations and doesn’t back down from talking about the real stuff, be it good, bad, or uncomfortable.


This episode is for you if:

  • you’re looking to step into your personal genius

  • you’re experiencing imposter syndrome in your life and business

  • you want to know the only thing you can control and how to have integrity with it


Highlights of our conversation

  • 1:30 - Getting to know Christin

  • 5:20 - How Christin came to be OR the State Farm story

  • 15:45 - Christin receives a (homemade) high school diploma

  • 17:33 - The one secret to a successful career without college

  • 22:45 - Get integrity people!

  • 24:30 - What to do when your clients fail

  • 26:47 - How to recognize your inherent genius  

  • 33:00 - Can we have a fulfilling life outside of our genius?

  • 34:00 - Follow your gut?

  • 36:43 - Christin answers the jar of LOLs


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