Real, lasting change (f*ck resolutions) with Peak Performance coach Nick Elvery

Nick Elvery is a Peak Potential and Performance Coach who helps corporate professionals build unshakable confidence, supercharge their productivity and eliminate overwhelm.


Nick battled with hard drug and alcohol addiction for over a decade. Overcoming this life-threatening adversity gave him the insight into what it takes to create lasting change and build habits that stand the test of time. We are after all the sum of our Daily Habits.


Nick is the host of the wildly successful Daily Habits Podcast, is a sought-after speaker about building lasting change and the creator of the Unstoppable Leaders Academy that is his flagship course that arms his clients with the tools to becoming unstoppable in achieving what’s most important to them.   


Who is this episode for?

* anyone that's struggling to make change happen

* people who are ready to change their life for the better


Highlights of our conversation:

1:21 - Nick's story of addiction

3:05 - The many forms of addiction and they impact your life

6:21 - Watch out for these addictions in 2019

13:43 - The crutch of your favorite hot beverage and how it's messing you up

15:37 - Can you be predisposed to addiction?

16:59 - How to overcome your addiction

20:46 - One key takeaway for understanding addiction

24:20 - Why do we have coping mechanisms?

27:44 - Everyone's favorite topic, New Year’s resolutions

34:41 - How to create lasting change


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Interview: Nick Elvery

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