How to be brilliant all the time with Laura Belgray

Laura Belgray, founder of Talking Shrimp and co-creator of The Copy Cure, has been a professional writer for nearly two decades and won big, fat awards for her work. The list of her credentials is incredibly long that she surely can’t expect me to name them all. But they include the likes ofNew York Magazine, Bravo, NBC, TBS, VH1, Joan Rivers, Kevin Hart, SpongeBob SquarePants, Kelly Ripa...and it goes on and on.


When not writing for private clients and TV, Laura likes watching TV. And when not watching TV, she enjoys traveling, eating in great restaurants, and talking about TV. She speaks decent Spanish, halting Italian, and a few obscene phrases in Ancient Greek. Laura lives in New York City, where she grew up, back when it was dirty, and everyone got mugged. She kind of misses that.


This episode is for you if you:

  • use words to communicate

  • want to know how to better use those words to impact people

  • you're doubting the power of intention & confidence

Highlights of our conversation:

1:53 - Getting to know Laura

11:23 - Laura’s starf**ker dream, aka the Marie Forleo story

24:26 - Laura breaks Twitter, plus how to be brilliant all the time

26:57 - How to avoid deadlines while pleasing your clients

30:55 - Two major writing lessons, especially if you work from home

32:53 - How cereal can help writer's block

36:03 - Can you really earn 6K writing Instagram posts?

38:28 - Dealing with constant rejection

42:25 - Upgrade your copy immediately by doing these things

44:09 - Should I try to be funny?

45:53 - Stop writing shitty emails (Laura tells you how)


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Interview: Laura Belgray

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