Finding the 'Something Else' with Leadership Coach Kelly Sheets

Kelly Sheets joins the podcast! Kelly serves as a leadership coach and consultant. Kelly helps high-achievers explore what else they’re capable of beyond the success they’ve already created. She helps them find that “something else” that is more fulfilling and eliminate the low-grade anxiety most high achievers experience by giving them practical, simple tools to get them out of their heads and engaged in what matters most.

Kelly works one on one with clients and through private and group retreats in Bali. She is co-creator of The Change Militia, a program to help people get unstuck and change the world from the inside out and The Curiosity Experiment™ cards, which ripple out the effects of living a curious life, far and wide.


This episode is for you if:

* you’re still trying to use your brain to be a leader

* you want to tap into your curiosity

* you have a big, hairy reason why you can’t be your boldest self


Highlights of our conversation

2:10 - Getting to know Kelly

4:05 - How does one become a leadership coach?

7:03 - What is the role of curiosity in becoming a better leader?

9:15 - Why mental curiosity isn't enough (looking at you Harvard Business Review)

10:35 - The distinction between a manager and a leader

13:53 - Why vs. Way

16:06 - Using vs. Having anxiety

22:23 - Are we allowed to have boundaries?

27:24 - Kelly teaches us “The Current 30”

33:22 - How to get access to higher thinking in the crazy

35:11 - Kelly answers the jar of LOLs


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Interview: Kelly Sheets

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