Failure, People-Pleasing & Sales with Matthew Kimberley

After meeting today's guest an event in NYC last month I can't stop hearing his name everywhere. And all those mouths mentioning his name considers him one of their greatest assets and friends - I don’t think that is just luck!

Matthew Kimberley helps small businesses sell more and sell with sophistication. He also spends a lot of time providing strategic counsel to business owners around the what, when and how of running their companies.

By the endless testimonials on his site - it’s clear, he’s a god. (We're kidding. Kind of.)

Highlights of our conversation:

1:27 - Matthew's ill-begotten podcast name

5:21 - Lessons Matthew's learned selling from the stage

9:35 - Getting to know Matthew

14:56 - The secret to be a great seller

18:27 - How a failed life coach became a sought-after speaker

28:52 - The importance of getting specific in your business - tighter, tighter, tighter!

30:32 - Please get uncomfortable and get started

32:41 - Times Matthew's fallen on his face

37:18 - Becoming more forgiving - looking at integrity holistically

40:25 - Can people-pleasing be relationship-building?

43:36 - Matthew teaches us something about relationships

47:30 - Matthew answers the jar of LOLZ


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Interview: Matthew Kimberly

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