Claiming your confidence crown with Lisa Hyde

Lisa Hyde, author of the recently released bookBe StrongHer, is a serial entrepreneur, beauty, health and wellness expert, and founder of The Confidence Crown, a lifestyle brand and weekly podcast delivering authentic and compelling content for women.


As a motivational speaker and inspirational coach, Lisa uses her infectious energy to empower women to become the “Queen of their life!”


A former Hollywood talent agent and manager, Lisa traded her corporate life for more time and financial freedom through network marketing. Now, she helps women across the globe pursue their passion of owning their own business while improving their confidence inside and out. Lisa resides in Los Angeles with her fur baby Weegie.


Highlights of our conversation:

1:28 - Getting to know Lisa

7:20 - Lisa's transition from agent to author and speaker

12:25 - Navigating your fears to reach your goals

15:45 - What do you tell yourself at your lowest point?

17:41 - You must be willing to fail

20:51 - What is a Confidence Crown?

22:05 - Real action steps to take your Crown

24:33 - I'm super stretched. What words do you have for me?

27:35 - But I'm surrounded by people unwilling to help or see me change

29:23 - Lisa shares from her book,Be StrongHer

34:01 - Confidence as a conduit to deeper intimacy

37:10 - Lisa answers the jar of LOLz


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Interview: Lisa Hyde

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