You don't need to be a genius with business mentor Angie Lee

Angie Lee is your hilarious + wicked smart business bestie you've always wanted. A serial entrepreneur, vibrant speaker, life coach & business mentor, Angie's genius is helping women embrace fear, take messy action & monetize their passion. 

Corporate + College dropout, $100k in debt, to 7 figure entrepreneur under 30, Angie's passion runs deep for helping women unlock their full potential & finally create the income & life they desire. Angie is the host of the top rated Rich Bitch Podcast, The Founder of Pays To Be Brave Summit & the upcoming self published Author of Raise Your Hand.

This episode is for you if:

  • You want the secret to being a 7 figure entrepreneur 
  • You're questioning whether your logical brain or your intuition is your best business tool
  • You've never been a genius but you have an inkling it doesn't freaking matter 
  • ... you want to laugh with two dingdongs for an hour

You can find Angie:

Angie's brilliant courses (I've done both, highly recommended!):

- Podcast like a Boss: Launch, Grow & Monetize your Show

- Niche Training for Health & Life Coaches

Tickets for the It Pays to Be Brave Summit are coming soon! Follow Angie on social for more details.

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