Do It Yo'self Design: Online Course

Have a product or service but don't know where to start?

Early this year I decided I wanted to rebrand my website. On the LOGO ALONE, I spent over $1800 on designers. Ultimately, if I had skipped ahead to the final product, my new logo would have cost about an hour of design time... $75. Boo.

Guess what was missing? THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. 

While this was a mighty expensive lesson, I had a major ah-ha moment. The logo didn't cost that much because it was the fanciest logo ever, it cost that much because I hadn't asked the right questions before starting the endeavor-- therefore I couldn't lead the designer in the right direction. Every hour of aimless meandering cost me big bucks, yo.

I design 99% of my own stuff. You can too. 

I taught myself a couple years ago when:

1) I didn't fully know what direction my practice would take, so I didn't want to invest thousands in a designer.

2) Had about $17 dollars to my name, so I didn't want to invest thousands in a designer. 

It's been the best gift I've ever given myself & my brand.

Now I have the freedom to change my website, my brand, my name, my copy, my opt-ins, my lead page, my everything.. whenever I want. For $free.

Tory helped me feel comfortable using Squarespace and I can now edit my site whenever I need to, instead of being reliant on a designer. She explains how to represent yourself in a fun, cohesive and authentic way to clients and makes you laugh while doing it!

My new confidence with my business and brand has led me to be an established female entrepreneur in my community. I immediately saw results in client engagement through my website and social media. 

- Sarah Oleson, International Yoga Teacher |


Want to learn too?

In this online design course, you'll learn:

- The foundational process you'll forever use to create clarity around the branding for every flyer, Facebook ad, website and more.

- How your brand is essential to booking those first clients, selling your first class, organizing your first event.

- How to tell your story in a concise, compelling way to attract *the right* clients

- How to name your brand, service or product.

- How and what to price your services.

- How you too can create your own branding materials without extensive design training or expensive software. (You get to skip the hundreds of hours of tinkering and just use my shortcuts.) 

Ready to join? 

The content is released at your own pace. 

A typical website costs around $4,000. The know-how of building your own website (and lead magnet, opt-in, newsletter template & automation, services and so much more!) is priceless.

This course is 1/10th of the cost and will continue to make your money for the duration of your business. 

Wait, there's more.


Limited time offer, based on enrollment

  • Join the support FB Group for lifetime access of design & tech questions, comments & community
  • Receive a free evaluation of your completed website, opt-in and newsletter design ($750 value) with specific, implementable tweaks for optimal sale conversions