When you feel better, you perform better. 

And so do your employees. 

My philosophy is if we improve the fundamentals of our life- like cleaning up our diet, encouraging a positive mind state, and learning to control the breath to relax- we emerge as much more happy, productive and resilient human beings. 

Lucky for you, these happy, productive and resilient human beings are the force behind the success of your company. 

You can benefit from a wellness program if:

  • You want your employees to be sick less often.
  • You care about keeping employees (happily) with your company for a long time. 
  • You want your employees to be more productive, confident, communicative and creative.
  • You want to strengthen your in-office culture to be more positive and healthy. 
  • You want your employees to combat stress effectively. 
  • You want to strengthen in-office relationships in a fun (I'm serious), interactive way. 
  • You understand how healthy employees affects the company's bottomline. 


  • Nutrition 101: For more energy and more productivity... with little effort. 

  • Stress & Your Heath: Understanding stress and how you can overcome it in 5 mins or less at your desk, while you commute or before big pitches and meetings. 

  • Let's Eat: Healthy, delicious and easy office snacks and meal ideas. (This workshop is edible.)

  • Mindfulness & Meditation for Busy Professionals: Improve your relationships, increase your dependability, make better and more thoughtful decisions with ease. 


Have something specific in mind? I am more than happy to work with you to fit your exact needs.

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