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You are The Buddy-Boss!

About You (your strengths):

On top of being a fun, charismatic, intelligent member of your team, you are a natural leader. Though you shroud yourself in modesty, and at times underestimate yourself, others realize your leadership capabilities and will nudge you to take that role (though you know you love being there!).

Both intelligence and idealism are traits you possess, which allow you to chase lofty goals in a calculated manner. Others look up to you

You are perceptive and great at reading a crowd. In leadership positions, you’re able to find what motivates people—and what doesn’t—and use it to uplift the mood and boost the motivation of those working with you.

People you are similar to include Barack Obama, Kristen Wiig, Oprah, Michael Jordan and Amy March (from Little Women).


At times, you can become a little too idealistic and lose some of the reality of the situation.

Because you want to keep everyone around you happy, you may struggle with conflict. You’ll go out of your way to avoid it instead of facing it directly, and sometimes this makes you slip into being a bit manipulative.

You also tend to be indecisive, which can lead to fleeting opportunities (and can be taxing on those who go out to dinner with you).

This translates to: you believe this is freedom where actually you’re completely shortchanging your potential.

How to Improve:

As someone who is very sensitive to other people’s feelings, you must learn to distinguish between your own experience, another’s experience and the overall desired goal. Learning how to use your empathy as a tool for positive change, instead of being tossed around by everyone else's needs will greatly improve your effectiveness as a leader.

Let’s be honest, it’s EXHAUSTING feeling everyone else’s BS. You can’t expect to ever attain your own desires if you’re dragging around their shame, guilt, sadness and anger.

Because you value ‘fun’ and ‘intuition’ so much, you lose the opportunity for deeper intimacy in your relationships and your goals because you tend to refuse any form of strategy or system. Here’s a big secret: strategy & systems help with empowerment, intentionality and EVEN MORE FREEDOM. Watch this quick training video (6 minutes!) to help create some important boundaries for your life, your relationships & your goals.

3 Truths About Leadership That Will Change Your Life Forever!


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