Private Transformational Coaching

I've binged, purged, starved, shamed, therapist-ed, coach-ed, cried, screamed, retreated, and over accomplished in attempts to FEEL BETTER.

I've blamed the shape of my body, the personality of my boss, my age, industry trends, my parents, my partners for why I wasn't reaching the heights I knew were available to me. 

I've had $0.23 to my name and I've made $10K in one day. I've lived in Indiana and on both coasts in the biggest, thriving cities. I've been alone crying in the corner of my bedroom and I've performed on stages for hundred of people.

None of those factors had a damn thing to do with my self-worth.

It wasn't until I went *within* to validate myself that I finally felt better.

What a frickin' concept!

We must choose ourselves before we can anyone else permission to do so. 

Our process brings you from...

  • Anxious, constant thoughts about your body, your worth, your 'purpose'
  • Confusion and overwhelm at every corner
  • Obsessive striving to attain someone else's definition of success 
  • Dramatic swings in body weight 
  • Inability to follow through with any meaningful goals because you're analyzing your life to death

To here..

  • Trusting yourself through every decision, big or small
  • Choosing how to eat, speak, do, be intuitively 
  • A healed metabolism so you're burning fat and absorbing nutrients effectively with each meal 
  • Balancing your hormones & nutritional needs so you're not a slave to cravings, mood swings, acne and restless sleep
  • Getting to know *the real you* so you can show up in your family, relationship, career, business, passions fully and confidently
  • Clear, simple tools and techniques to get you 'back on track' when old habits creep up


If not now, when?

To see if this program is right for you, please fill out the application below and book a 20-minute clarity call. There is no obligation, this is just an opportunity to see if I can be of service to you. 

Tory Dube has single handedly changed my life. She has this amazing power to make you see things in a totally different light, and get you "unstuck" from even the stickiest situations. I don't think I can count the number of times Tory has magically turned my entire mindset around within minutes of talking to her. She constantly inspires me to take leaps in my business and personal life that always lead to massive shifts.

- Jennifer Leah Gottlieb | Elite Trainer at JLG Fitness

Getting off of a coaching call with Tory doesn't simply inspire me in the moment, she is intentional in providing tangible steps to channeling that inspiration to action. That is what sets her apart from the rest!"

Orly Wahba | Ted Speaker & CEO of Life Vest Inside

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