At my core I am an energy healer.

I see you, I love you, in our time together I invite you to click into alignment with your full, beautiful self... and experiencing that clarity is life changing.

Once we know what alignment feels like it becomes our new standard of excellence. Once we know what alignment feels like it becomes the home we're seeking-- not out of shame, guilt, pressure or addiction-- but out of a deep understanding it's where we belong, where we've belonged all along.

 And isn't that the whole point? To take up as much space as we can in this moment, in our bodies, in our relationships, in our mission, in our joy? 

The thing is:

you can't access any of this internal magic if you're not treating your container, your body, with respect. Proper nutritional fueling, healthy habits, movement & mindset are all essential to priming your machine for success.

In our work together:

  • We'll investigate your dietary habits & create a simple, personalized plan for you to find full vitality and health
  • We'll find awareness with your lifestyle habits & detoxify what no longer serves, while finding ways to bring more intentionality to what's working (so it can thrive)
  • We'll revamp your self-talk so you can learn to be your biggest cheerleader, always
  • We'll pinpoint mindset blocks and rewire you for courageous success
  • We'll cultivate inner peace so you're no longer in your own way, but the creator of your greatest desires
  • ... and so much more


Getting off of a coaching call with Tory doesn't simply inspire me in the moment, she is intentional in providing tangible steps to channeling that inspiration to action. That is what sets her apart from the rest!"

Orly Wahba | Ted Speaker & CEO of Life Vest Inside

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