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Hotchickpeas using chickpeas.

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Hotchickpeas using chickpeas.

Everyone asks if I have posted how to make hummus… you’re all just so witty. Here is the quickest hummus recipeeeeee everrrrr.


-1 can ORGANIC chickpeas

-quality olive oil

-salt and pepper

-lemon cut in half 

-food processor or blender 

Open your chickpeas and strain the excess liquid. Add chickpeas to blender/food processor. Blend. Drizzle one swoop of olive oil, sprinkle some salt and pepper, squeeze one squeeze of lemon juice out of your lemon. Most likely it’ll look a bit like this:


(Notice the plastic cupcake and ice-cream cone. Those are important materials too.)

This is a bit clumpy, so add one more swoop of olive oil. Taste and add another squeeze of lemon if needed. Blend again.

The end.


Other fun ingredients to try:

-I add cayenne pepper to mine

-a drizzle or two of tahini


-chopped garlic


You’ve seen hummus before, mimic your favorite kinds. The difference in making it yourself is that you KNOW every that is going into your mouth. If buying hummus, read the labels and do not purchase if there’s any additional crap inside. (Most likely there will be.)


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