Utilizing Food to Access Your Magic

You know there's much more to life than dieting, stressing, dramatic relationships, social media, and constant fear... or else you wouldn't be apart of this community. You've heard your inner voice before, the tug felt like a divine calling, you're ready to have more access to the *magic* available to us each and every day. What is this magic? It's intuition, it's alignment, it's 'living in the vortex', it's experiencing 'flow', it's daily floods of gratitude and love, it's feel purposeful and as if you're exactly where you're meant to be.

To be clear, we all have our own path. Every body is different, everybody is different. The one principle that applies to EVERYONE is: we must nourish and strengthen our container (the body) if we want to lead a life of our personal full potential.

Learning to nourish our bodies with breath, food and water is the first essential step to evolving beyond a life of victimhood and circumstance. Not only is mastering this process empowering (one of the most influential tools for living a love-based life), but the formula serves for every other relationship (to all persons, places, things!) in your life.

There are two invaluable lessons within our relationship to food: 

1) What you ingest affects how you feel, which affects how you show up in the world.
2) Self-nourishment takes focus, intentionality, patience, and unconditional love.

To begin to master this formula we must find willingness, awareness and choice within how we treat and eat food. 

1) Declare your willingness. Say it aloud, tell a friend, invite a friend to join the mission, conduct a 'brain dump' in your journal detailing your commitment to this new level of growth. Whatever the approach, make the declaration clear and definitive.  

2) Find awareness. There is infinite stimuli bombarding the brain daily. If you want to find awareness around a pattern you have to spoon feed it to yourself-- track it! Start a food journal and take 2 weeks to write down what you eat, when you eat it, and how it made you feel physically/mentally/emotionally. Dedicate yourself to noticing patterns *without* indulging in your stories. This is a fresh start! Gift yourself a clean slate.

3) Make choices that best serve you. Until you can learn what's best for YOU, through YOU-- I'll give you a place to start:

  • Start the day with breath and water, always!
  • Keep it liquid, simple (1 - 2 food groups at a time), and/or raw as long as possible throughout the morning.
  • Eat mostly plants.
  • Drink 1 gallon of filtered water a day.
  • Make each meal a ritual. No cell phone, no TV. 
  • Find gratitude for each bite and place the fork down between bites. 
  • Give 12 - 14 hours between your last meal at night and your first meal in the morning to allow for proper digestion.
  • Give 3+ hours from your last meal to bed time. 

Your body is the container for your soul, and your soul has a direct line to the inherent wisdom, clarity, perfection and purpose we're all seeking. The more you practice reverence and care for your container, the stronger the connection.

Let's love ourselves to change the world. #thisisthefunstuff 

Tory Dube1 Comment