Are all your cells burning?

Are all your cells burning? Good! That’s where true transformation begins.

Transformation hurts because it forces you to investigate the stories we’ve been telling ourselves all along. The stories that validate our trials and tribulations, that confirm we are victims and couldn’t possibly have done anything more. Because if we could have done more.. and we didn’t step to the challenge, then we are failures, right?

You can’t always DO more, but you can always BE more. You can always settle more into the present, into the uncomfortableness of change. You can always be more mindful, more gentle, more forgiving, more compassionate, more empathetic. You can always be more honest, you can always *be in the now with more integrity. And that’s on you—only you can decide to be courageous enough to follow through with these things.

If you don’t, are you a failure? No. But until you employ this awareness and conviction, you aren’t fully going to conquer the trial at hand. And until you conquer it, it’s going to come up again and again in your life until you surrender and stop doing—and start being.

Wars on obstacles never work. You can kick the mountain, punch the mountain, spit on the mountain. But you’re not getting over the mountain until you surrender to the fact that it's there and trudge your ass over it. That’s choice number one. Choice number two is—how much are you going to fight the trek over? Or, can you surrender again and decide to enjoy the view? To be grateful for the exercise? To marvel at your body’s ability to move. To find gratitude for the tree, the oxygen, the intricate, brilliant design of nature?

Simple, but not easy.

Let's love ourselves to change the world.

Tory DubeComment