Why can't I have coffee when I'm doing a cleanse?



Tory, coffee makes me poop. That's cleansing right? Why can't I drink coffee on a cleanse?


Eeeeek. A cleanse that solely makes you poop is essentially a laxative-- and that's not what we're going for. Laxatives wreak havoc on the digestive system (you're basically irritating your insides to the point of your body screaming OK FINE, IT'S COMING OUT) and set you up for debilitated digestion after the fact. 

A healthy cleanse is a *cellular cleanse*. Inherently, yeah, you'll go to the bathroom and probably shed some pounds. But, the ultimate goal is detoxing built-up toxic sludge from your cells. Some of this sludge is excess fat and BS, so naturally you'll be thinner and have clearer skin. 

First off, a toxin is a poisonous substance that's not supposed to be in the body. Think inhaled cleaning products, pollution, food additives, pesticides, beauty products-- we don't want 'em. They latch onto our busy, working cells and hold them back from being their best beautiful selves. 

A cleanse aims to detoxify the toxins. This happens in two ways: 

1. Digestion is relived by consuming only liquids. Digestion is one of the body's top priorities, and it takes a lot of energy. Every time you eat, energy is diverted from other things (like repairing cells and your immune system). Ever feel tired after eating? You energy was being used for digestion. When you consume liquids, the body is relieved of this task and can concentrate on it's other jobs.

2. We have an internal pH balance. Remember the basic to acidic scale from high school science? With the body, we call it alkaline to acidic. Fatty, sugary, alcohol-y things cause more acidity in the body-- hence making us feel junky. Raw fruits and vegetables bring the body to a more alkaline state-- making us feel vibrant and strong. (This is the idea behind curing disease with raw foods and vegetables-- when you shift the body's pH to be more alkaline, the sickness starves). Recap: Acidic body-- lethargic, sugary, fatty, sick. Alkaline body-- cleansed, vibrant, clear skin, excess weight flushed. 

Because the bulk is removed from juice, you can consume many more vegetables throughout the day. In one juice alone you can pack in the nutrients of a pound of kale plus loads of other veggies. This means you can affect your body's ph much more effectively than trying to eat 56 salads each day (which just won't happen).  

NOW TO THE COFFEE. Coffee is acidic. When you drink it during a cleanse, you're fudging up all your hard work trying to shift the ph to alkaline. THAT'S ALL.

Love, Tory.

PS. I found a coffee on the market that's essentially neutral on the ph scale... and fortified with minerals and coconut oil. Geeking.   

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