Dear Tory: I can't get pregnant.

Dear Tory,

I am currently going through infertility treatments. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for two years with no luck. I know that there are a TON of women out there dealing with this issue. It was interesting to me to hear that many other women (even many that I know personally) are currently struggling with this or have in the past. I could see how tips to calm your mind would certainly make a difference with this rollercoaster of emotions. 

What are your suggestions?

Hey Soon-To-Be Mama, 

This is such an important question for all woman, trying to get pregnant or not,  and I am so happy you've addressed it! I know you asked for mindfulness suggestions specifically (excellent thinking!), I want to address the whole picture-- as we all should with every obstacle and celebration we face in our lives, especially concerning our health. 

There are so many intricacies of our menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, many of us aren't even reaallllyyy sure what's going on down there-- whether we are trying to get pregnant, or trying to *not* get pregnant.

On the smallest level, we need healthy cells. You had about 37 trillion and every single one has a purpose. More that that, every single one is in constant communication with the other 37ish trillion cells, to make sure they are able to achieve their purpose and keep you healthy. 

Every single cells needs to be NOURISHED with healthy foods, providing essential vitamins and minerals. 

Everything we put in or on our body affects the health of our individual cells. *Detox* has become a bit of a buzzword, but it's a real necessity. Processed food, pesticide and herbicide grown crops, beauty products, cleaning products, THE AIR... all contain toxins, and we are ingesting them daily. On a cellular level, this means our cells not only need to carry out their purpose-- but they have to use energy to combat random BS that invades the body. The more energy our cells use fighting off invaders, the less they have for keeping you thriving. Also, toxins build up in the body and begin to coat, distort, funk with your cells. You gotta detox that crap out.

For more info on detoxing all areas of your life (in simple steps), check out my free download of 'Get To The Heart of Detoxing' on the front page of my site. 

Now let's consider hormones, which are the chemical messengers that tell your cells what to do. Hormones are responsible for numerous processes inside the body-- including but not limited to ... formation of acne, your appetite, love, arousal, the production of stress, regulation of stress, the successful formation of a baby... and so on.  Hormones are affected by the foods we eat, stress, sleep quality, toxins ingested, medicine, etc. 


I think because 1. we aren't really sure how a menstrual cycle works, and 2. so many people 'accidentally' get pregnant, we believe this process is a given. Like, it should happen when we want it to, when we want it to. 

Here are the essentials to makin' a baby.

1. There has to be a healthy egg, a healthy sperm to fertilize the egg. AND, they have to be present at the exact right time. (Did you know you only ovulate ONE day a cycle? Luckily sperm can live up to 5 days if conditions are perfect, but that only gives a very short window for the two to overlap). 

2. There has to have been the release of specific hormones to stimulate certain mucuses (I hate that word) that help protect and guide sperm to the egg. (There are other hormones and mucuses throughout the rest of the cycle that are released to block and kill sperm). 

3. You need healthy fallopian tubes for the sperm to travel to the egg, and for the fertilized egg to travel to the uterus.

4. The lining of the uterus (endometrium) has to be in the right stage of development for the egg to implant. 

All of these stipulations-- in addition to your health and hormones, contribute to your ability to get pregnant. SO, what do you do?

1. Feed yourself goodness- nourishing foods, laughter, people that inspire you, environments that make you giddy-- full up on it. Happy, fed cells heal faster. 

2. Check your blood levels. Many women are deficient in key vitamins (vitamin D) that support the reproductive system.

3. DE-STRESS. Stress causes your body to shut down. Digestion suffers, sleep suffers, mood suffers-- and then all of these things stress you out more. Get the F out of the stress cycle and see #1. 

                 3a. BREATHE (you'll learn in your free ebook download), and then download the                    free Headspace app and learn what meditation is all about from a sexy AF                                  Australian accent. 

4. Learn what's really happening down there. After adopting a holistically healthy lifestyle, being on the Birth Control Pill seemed icky to me. I was pumping my body with artificial hormones, that jumped in the way of my own hormones, EVERY DAY.  In my two years of research for a solution I found the Billings Ovulation Method. It's a shame it's rooted in a religion and sometimes withheld from women who aren't married or engaged, as this information should be available to every effing vagina on the planet. PLEASE check it out. And email me if you'd like more information.

I found this stuff to be so powerful that I am actually going through a process of being a certified teacher-- so I can help women escape birth control hormones and reclaim their bodies. 

Wishing you a peaceful, delicious weekend.



PS. Birth control wreaks havoc on the body-- nutritionally and functionally with the reproductive system. Detoxing and nourishing are essential to regain your health if you were previously on BC. xo


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