Jar Salads 101


I'll admit, the jar is a bit heavy. It's the only downside to using chemical-free, airtight jar containers to hold my food. Maybe I'll start using them to curl and build my biceps, then I can wipe out the only downside. 

This jar salad is composed of leftovers from my refrigerator. Get funky with yours!

- 1ish cup quinoa (made in a pressure cooker. You need one of these magical contraptions!)

-Packaged, rinsed, organic cabbage. crunch. 

-Toasted pine nuts. (I have an addiction. Looking for a pine nut sponsor).

-Drained, rinsed, organic canned chickpeas. 

-Drizzle EVOO over the top. Add some Himalayan sea salt and pepper. 

-When it's time to eat, shake it up! Eat right from the jar. 


Tory DubeComment