Channel Your Inner Kindergartner for World Peace

In addition to hotchickpea, I run a children's kindness revolution called Lovely Thank You. I just released our second children's book about the power of kindness, and while writing the materials for the new site, I was reminded yet again how simple the guiding principles of universal happiness can be. As we are ambushed with media about ISIS, Ebola, the terrifying dangers of global warming, police brutalities, etc., it's easy to let fear set in. People are desperate for reprieve, but instead of continuing to love our fellow Earthly neighbors in a communal effort to make improvements, we are quick to start blaming in attempts to find a 'solution' to our fear. We have two ways to view the world, and ultimately act on those views.

“The most important decision we make is whether

we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

-Albert Einstein.

We can live through love, or we can live through fear. Fear is every negative emotion-- it's judgement, it's criticism, violence, greed. But fear itself is not real. It's a PERCEPTION, it's False Evidence Appearing Real. And when we fear, we bring out the worst in ourselves, which makes others fear us... which creates a cyclical, miserable fear party. (Ex: war.) Love is to Light, as Fear is to Darkness. Darkness is not *real*, it's just the absence of light. How do you rid of darkness? You flood it with light. How do you rid of fear? You flood it with love. When you're living through fear, you're derailing the human potential for UNIVERSAL HAPPINESS. That is, a quality of life that's not only satisfying basic needs, but ... actually positive and enjoyable. Let's make it simple, channel your inner kindergartener:

In every act, thought or idea- if every person considered,

'Am I being kind to myself? Am I being kind to others?

Am I being kind to the Earth?' the creation of fear 

(perceived negativity) would cease. 

Kindness to oneself is having integrity. It is staying present and maintaining the mind, body, spirit trifecta. It's eating to nourish rather than clog, partaking in enjoyable physical movement, and practicing positivity. To a child I would say, 'Treat yourself the way you'd want others to treat you.' 

Kindness to others is having integrity. It is staying present and acknowledging the inherent greatness in others and in ourselves. Through this acknowledgement, we see how similar we really are and consequently want happiness for all of humanity.  To a child I would say, 'Treat others the way you want to be treated.' 

Kindness to the planet is HAVING INTEGRITY. (I'm noticing a theme here...) It is treading lightly. It is loving all living beings. It is being honest with our needs vs. our wants and acting accordingly. To a child I would say, 'Treat the planet as if it's this gorgeous, miraculous neighborhood that provides us with the basic elements we need to survive-- while also knocking our dang socks off on the reg. with sunsets, sunrises, and rainbows.'

So back to how you can contribute, or even stay sane, in the midst of the worldly chaos. Keep it simple and spectacular- live through love and kindness. As Marie Forleo says, 'You can't give away what you don't have.' 

         To ensure universal happiness, we must first cultivate

 happiness in ourselves.

Happiness occurs by living through kindness.