Fragrances Funking You Up

Did you know most perfumes contain synthetic chemicals that can be hazardous to your health? Even more disgusting, companies are allowed to withhold fragrance information so consumers can't rely on the label to know what is really inside. How is this legal? Due to a giant loophole in the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973, which requires companies to list cosmetic ingredients on the product labels, fragrances are exempt. 

Many of these ingredients can disrupt your hormones, cause allergic reactions, and haven't ever been properly tested for safety.

Those advertising people know exactly what they're doing when they mix a bunch of fancy sounding mumbo-jumbo on the packaging of your favorite scents. No one wants to be a victim of mumbo-jumbo... or even read that word again in this blog post. 

Let's make sense of the scents.

Fragrance refers to perfume, cologne, or anything of the like; the quality of being fragrant. Is legally allowed to contain BS ingredients that do BS things to your bod... And legally not tell you about it. 

Perfumes are a type of fragrance. Also legally allowed to contain junk. Ditto to fragrance. 

Aromas are essentially just odors arising from.. well, anything. An odor, generally a pleasant one. 

Essential oils are simply the 'oils' (aromatic compounds) from the plant they were collected from. Essential oils must have purity information on the label (such as '100% pure essential oil). When inhaled, essential oils communicate with the Limbic Brain (emotional brain) and can produce positive psychological and physiological benefits! 

To bring this full circle, fragrances made from blends of essential oils are a wonderful alternative to the traditional synthetic perfume. Not only will you smell wonderful, but the scents you give off will be completely natural (so no harm done to your bod or anyone else coming in close enough to smell you), and you can even benefit from the positive and psychological effects the oils create. 

My favorite natural fragrances are from The Goddess Line. All of The Goddess Line products are made in Manhattan, NY and use only natural and essential oils (sourced locally when possible!) The company's focus is sustainability, and 10% of all sales go to charity! Not only that, but the each product features a specific Goddess, inspiring women to focus on values such as perseverance, empowerment, abundance, devotion, strength, courage, and wisdom. 

Do you have a favorite natural fragrance? Comment below, share the wealth!