The new, AMAZING health pill Dubenal has been scientifically proven to:

-Prevent 95 percent of all cancers, including those “caused” by environmental toxins

-Prevent nearly all heart attacks and strokes

-Reverse even severe heart disease

-Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes so quickly and profoundly that, after three days on this drug, it’s dangerous for users to continue their insulin

Side Effects:

-Gets you to your idea weight in a healthy and sustainable fashion

-Eliminates most migraines, acne, colds and flu, chronic pain, and intestinal distress

-Improves energy

-Cures erectile dysfunction

Additional Effects:

-Slows and possibly reverses global warming

-Reduces groundwater contamination

-Ends the need for deforestation

-Shuts down factory farms

-Reduces malnutrition and dislocation among the world’s poorest citizens 

There is no pill called Dubenal. But the exact benefits can be obtained by following a Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle.

What is a Whole Food, Plant-Based diet?  'Whole' simply refers to foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. 'Plant-based' refers to foods that do not come from an animal or a laboratory. A Whole Food, Plant-Based diet consists of fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, beans and legumes. Avoid processed foods, animal products*, added salt, oil, and white sugar. This means, a meal should consist of REAL foods- not something created in a chemistry experiment, fancily disguised in a colorful can or bag. If these foods do not appeal to you, that's because you've been manipulated.

The additives, preservatives and harmful chemicals that are used in cheap, processed foods have re-wired your brain to make you believe you NEED this crap… so you keep buying it.

Great NEWS! You can undo what's been done by discontinuing to eat plastic, manufactured chemicals. (Now that I don't eat much processed stuff, Tollhouse cookies taste like gasoline to me.) You'd have to live under a rock to think the MILLIONS of ingredients that fall under 'whole, plant-based' cannot be combined to create a myriad of delicious meals. 

But, why hasn’t our government told us this?’ you ask. Because it’s not a pill-it’s not profitable. Doctors, prescription drug companies, and insurance companies cannot possibly profit from the people of the world discontinuing to rely heavily on the drugs we are fed to ‘fix’ the diseases from the foods we are fed. Even more so, 'fixing' ailments quickly with the use of drugs is far more comforting to the West, than being patient, diligent and genuine with our food intake. I get it, it takes work. But dang, fruits and veggies can taste so good! ;-) 

This information was lifted from T. Colin Campbell’s book Whole. This book addresses why we are hell-bent on dismissing or, in most cases, tweaking the truth about what we need to consume to attain health. We do not have a ‘health care system’ in America, we have a disease care system. WE ARE NOT GETTING HEALTHIER. We are just adding more drugs to the rotation. Take this pill to cure this… but you’ll need to take these two pills to ease the discomfort from pill #1. 

Check out the book! Eat a veggie! 

** We all have different bodies and different needs. If your body needs animal protein, I'm all for it. Just be smart in supporting/ingesting animals that have been fed healthy foods, and led healthy lives. You are what you eat :) 

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