The Fear Epidemic

I am guilty of perpetuating this sickness. In fact, I have even done it in the last couple of posts. I have used fear to make a point, to encourage you to change your habits. I used statistics and evidence to scare you into health. I apologize. I've contributed to an epidemic, the Fear Epidemic.

Today I had an immense 'ah ha' moment. (I admit it was greatly influenced by Anita MoorjaniLouise Hay, and Eckhart Tolle, but an evolution nonetheless!)

It is not only important to shift our perceptions towards abundance and LOVE, it is absolutely essential to the survival of humanity.

We are ruled by our fears, our 'should's and our inability to stay in the present. Let me explain. 

We are constantly ambushed with fear from our government, the news, marketing and our perceptions. This negative energy is toxic and contagious. Have you ever been around someone in a bad mood and it brought you down? That's a transfer of negative energy. Scientifically, energy is information traveling in vibrations. This information is constantly interacting with your body, whether it's from an outside source or is created by you. The fear, the toxicity, eventually has to manifest. The information has to eventually have a physical affect on what it is interacting with- and usually, it is our bodies.  As Anita Moorjani explains in the linked video, her greatest fear was cancer. She obsessed, researched and obsessed.. and guess what. She gave herself cancer. YOUR THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS, choose the good ones! Fear manifests in other ways too. When we act out of fear, we aren't our best selves. (Have you ever been dumped and turned into insecurity-induced godzilla? Yeah, me neither...) When we are operating in our not-so-best selves, we definitely aren't giving off the impression that we are a source of love and support. This, consequently, makes people fear us-- and then we have a big fear party on our hands (i.e.: war) and a whole buncha people acting like fools. We are either going to kill ourselves with our fear of disease, our fear of war, or our fears of what 'might' happen. To rephrase this, without any fear within the statement and idea, unconditional love is only answer for our salvation... and immense health, wealth and happiness. 

Moving on- let's just obliterate the would 'should' from our vocabulary. The next miserable misuse of energy is criticism. Criticism of others and criticism of ourselves is a big ol', detrimental energy suck. All too often I hear people say, 'I should lose weight. I should workout more. I should spend 200k on school, be forever in debt and become something my parents think I should be.' Should insinuates that you've done something wrong. Guess what. You're damn perfect just how you are. Every success is a lesson. Every failure is a lesson. Embrace the flipping lesson and turn every 'should' into a 'could.' There are many outside influences trying to convince you that you are not the creator of your reality, do NOT let your brain be one of them. Examine your 'should's. If you can answer, 'why?' to your list of 'should's without including 'because (               ) thinks so,' you can keep that 'should' belief. (Hint, there won't be any). YOUR THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS, CHOOSE THE GOOD ONES. If your thoughts are, "I am not good enough," you're never going to be. Can you imagine a world without criticism or the fear of criticism? Everybody would be their best self. I can promise you our best selves have nothing to do with sickness, lack, fear, or war. Or godzillas. 

Lastly, stress is being HERE and wanting to be THERE. Want to be happy doing exactly what you've been doing all along? Stop worrying about what you're missing out on. Engage all of your senses in the right now. I don't care if you're washing dishes- water feels good, soap bubbles can be cool. Find gratitude in the simple fact that the billions of cells that make up your body are communicating without your guidance and keeping you alive. If you're having trouble cultivating this gratitude, ask for it. I mean it, literally think or say aloud, 'I could use some gratitude right now.' I will bet you $1000 zillion it'll come. It's just quantum physics!

(Steps off soapbox).

PS. I vow to no longer use fear to make a point. Lots of lovin', ONLY, from here on out ;-)