Morning Manifestation Kit

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50 Free Tools for Changing Your Reality

Why do we care:

Consider this: it’s raining outside.

I can think: ‘Hell yes! Feed those plants, Baby!’


I can think: ‘Fudge, soggy sneakers and paranoid drivers.’

Which perception do you think *feels* better? Which perception creates momentum towards a fully positive moment, hour, day, week, life?

Each perception holds the power to dictate our reality— our reality being the life we experience.

THEREFORE, and this is delicious & a game-changer, your perception creates your reality.

THEREFORE, THEREFORE, you can create your reality. You basically have a MF magic wand.

What are tools and when do I use these tools:

The ‘tools’ I am referring to are techniques, actions, to-dos that can contribute to shifting your perception from ‘Fack, it’s raining’ to ‘Hallelujah, I love rain.’ There infinite tools available to you. Some will work, some won’t. We’re all different and require different approaches— the trick is learning and implementing the ones that work FOR YOU.

Knowing when to use your tools is the most important step to the process. It requires an honest look at your situation, and that can feel scary.

But consider this— are the best things and the best people attracted to negative thinking and a victim mentality? Nope. So buck up, Champ.

To have all you want, you have to put in the work first. The first step to the work is... be honest about your current reality. The second step is... if it’s not working for ya, change it immediately.

50 (free) Reality-Rocking Tools for your Toolbox:

When you’re feeling the funk, pick a tool from the list & make it happen.

  • Hug a plant.

  • Go outside.

  • Touch your bare feet to the Earth.

  • Take 10 deep, cleansing breaths.

  • Flip upside down and touch your toes (at least reach in that direction, touching toes not


  • Drink 8oz. of water right now.

  • Prepare a nourishing meal for yourself.

  • Eat a nourishing meal without distraction.

  • Listen to an inspirational audio or video from Youtube.

  • Read a motivational passage.

  • Open the door for someone.

  • Make eye contact with someone.

  • Smile to 5 strangers.

  • High-five the next person you see.

  • Dance like a maniac for one whole song.

  • Close your eyes and visualize your favorite place to be for 30 full seconds.

  • Think about cute things.

  • Watch a video of cute things online.

  • LAUGH, really hard or even just a small smile.

  • Hold a smile for 30 seconds. I dare you to not let it turn into a real smile. OK, just let it ;-).

  • Hug someone.

  • Kiss someone.

  • Think lovingly of someone.

  • Yell aloud, ‘THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!’ Louder.

  • Go for a run.

  • Do 10 jump-squats.

  • Light a candle.

  • Meditate.

  • Sing a full song.

  • Leave an anonymous love note for a friend or co-worker (doesn’t have to be mushy, just kind).

  • Post an inspirational note for yourself on your mirror.

  • Paint.

  • Draw, color.

  • Journal about the top 10 things you’re most thankful for.

  • Keep a daily gratitude notebook.

  • Hold hands.

  • Organize your space.

  • Donate *stuff* that no longer serves you.

  • Volunteer for someone(s) in need.

  • Let sun shine on your face.

  • Tap your pointer, middle, and ring fingers (pressed together) on your chest and declare ‘I’ve

    got this.’

  • Close your eyes and rub your temples.

  • Take a shower.

  • Take a bubble bath, complete with no technology.

  • Take a nap.

  • Listen to a podcast about someone going through a similar situation.

  • Vent to a friend then vow to change your mind once the venting has completed.

  • Do a 5-day social media cleanse.

  • Say a prayer.

  • Go for a walk around the block.

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