You want to be making more money.

You're starting a business and need clarity & confidence to move forward.

You have an existing business and you're ready to move away from the striving & stress to purpose & pleasure.

You feel dull and disconnected & you're ready to discover your unique brilliance.

You're a woman (or man!) on a mission to create an impact (even if just in your own family!)

You're a coach and want to learn how to move your clients through subconscious blocks & energy work.

You're craving inspired community to boost your faith factor.

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a live training & group coaching call

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a specific hypnosis track to detangle subconscious blocks 

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an inspired tribe of brilliant, motivated lovers & worldshifters

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downloadables, guest speakers and/or goodies 

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You don't need to scale & master the self-care mountain to start cultivating clarity, abundance & movement in your life. We start with the juiciest stuff so you can call in the dollars, people & opportunities to gain momentum throughout the following modules.

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Discover the most potent force within you for cultivating and attracting all you desire (hint: it already exists, you've just gotta pay attention to it).

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You want to live with clarity, energy & momentum? You've gotta fuel your body properly. This is all about fueling your machinery for excellence.

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Our brilliant bodies have equipped us with a roadmap to creating all we desire. We'll be delving into emotional agility and developing tools & techniques for simple implementation.

Everything is energy: here we'll find integrity with all we ingest for turbo-boosted results & success.

The fastest path to ease, peace and joy.. is to tap into our individual modes of genius. Discover what yours is and learn to build fun into your day-to-day for optimal productivity. 

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Every 'this is not working' in your life is due to an intimacy issue- whether it's around your finances, your partner, the bedroom, your body, etc. Let's figure that shit out.

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It's easy to feel good on a 'good' day, but what about the tough days? Here we cultivate the community, practices & rituals to soothe even the roughest moments.

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We've found the clarity we've always craved and we know what we want to create-- so now what? I'll guide you.

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Whether within your family, your community or the world- I know you want to make a positive impact. Learn how to be the most potent leader possible. 

"Tory's ability to tap into the deeper layers of my heart, unwrap the gifts in the challenges I'm experiencing, and lovingly help me to embrace my truth is pure genius.

She so intuitively and knowingly connects the dots to all aspects of my life so that I can see clearly the big picture of what's out of alignment and why. I'm always excited for our sessions because I know things are going to shift in a big way for me emotionally, mentally, physically, even financially.

Through our work, I have claimed parts of me that I wasn't giving myself permission to share and I have created a new and loving relationship with my body, my marriage, my money, and my business. Tory has helped me to own who I am unapologetically, to be more playful and forgiving with myself, and to show up to "what is", while dreaming and creating into what I desire. And to top it all off, she's just an extraordinary soul that integrates humor, honesty, love, and authenticity into everything she does." 

Meg Haines, Spiritual Teacher & Healer |


Hi there!

I've done and been all the things. From waitressing in a bikini in Times Square in high heels (ouch), to stand-up comedy, to presenting my services to the NHL, to having my face on a billboard in Madison Square Garden.

In the thick of my eating disorder and anxiety, none of it ever brought me more self esteem. WHAT A CONCEPT! The shit we do does not define our worth, the stuffs on the inside does.

When I finally figured this out and made it my mission of every day, I started to realize the big U is ready to move tectonic plates to bring you what you want.

I now live on the sea with my soulman and my puppy, and laugh for a living. I know with every cell of my being that everything else I want is on the way, too. What a way to live, right?


On paper I am a certified Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist & Hypnotherapist. In action I am a Transformational Coach, guiding you to identify your brilliance, amplify your gifts & better serve your people. 

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I just feel foggy, unhealthy and/or unmotivated. Will this program help me?

Absolutely. This is literally THE WORK of being a human being. I believe that *anyone & everyone* will benefit immensely from this programming.

What's the hypnosis stuff? Will you make me do things I don't want to do?

Hypnotherapy is simply a process that relaxes you and your brain so you can access subconscious & unconscious information. Conscious choice plays a very small role in our patterning- for real change, we have to detangle old stories, traumas and blocks in the subconscious mind. During hypnosis you'll be in complete control and it'll feel like a deep meditation. 

How much time do I get with Tory?

For the first year of this program, all trainings will be live group calls! Once we've completed each module (and the recordings will serve as the trainings), we'll be moving to Q & A calls as our monthly calls. Tory will be present daily in the Facebook group and the module chat areas. 

Is there an in-person or 1:1 component to this course?

No, all materials will live online and all coaching calls will be with the group. If you're interested in an in-person experience, join me on retreat! If you're interested in 1:1 coaching, apply here. *Moving forward, all 1:1 clients will be gifted access to the academy as part of their package. 

Are refunds available?

Because of the sheer amount of content and accessibility in this program, refunds are not available. Thank you for understanding!

What happens if I join the Academy after June 20th?

If you ever miss a live training call you will be able to access all of the material in the academy.. forever. You can go through material at your own pace- live with us, or through the recordings!

Do I have to renew my membership?

Nope, this material and all added materials from now to forever will be yours. Once you're in, you're in. 

Additional comments or questions?

Email or snag a time for a 20-minute clarity call to chat if the Academy is right for you!

"When it comes to learning about manifestation, energy, abundance, and law of attraction, it's easy to feel a bit confused about seemingly contradictory teachings within this space (depending on what source you are listening to).

I am SO grateful for Tory; using simple, easy to understand language, sister really helped to break down the "nuts and bolts" of manifestation to me while providing me a safe and supportive space and learning environment for me as she taught.

I felt I was truly heard by her as I asked my "manifestation 101" questions and she really helped me to feel empowered in all that I already knew, as well as helped for me to excitedly step more confidently into this amazing world of energy as she taught me more! So so so grateful for you, Tory!"

- Jillian Bollanz, Transformational Life & Business Coach |

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  • We take complete responsibility for what we ingest mind, body & soul
  • We don’t rely on willpower alone— we know Divine power & the power of the collective is much more potent & productive.
  • We’re not here to prove ourselves to the world — we’re here to prove ourselves to ourselves
  • When we’re uncomfortable, we look to self-assess & soothe instead of validating & blaming
  • We value the strength of a strong life container of tools & technique that hold us accountable and stable
  • When we need help, we ask. When we want to understand better, we ask. When we have a message to communicate, we say it with kindness & courage.
  • We stay forever in a state of willingness and awareness so we can continue to make empowered choices.
  • We understand that to alleviate suffering, we must believe & act to close the gap between what we see and what we want to see.
  • And we’re up for the challenge— because we know the mission in our hearts is worthy.
  • We know we are worthy and always have been.
  • We lead with love & fierce integrity.