I've done and been all the things. From waitressing in a bikini in Times Square in high heels (ouch), to stand-up comedy, to presenting my services to the NHL, to having my face on a billboard in Madison Square Garden.

In the thick of my eating disorder and anxiety, none of it ever brought me more self esteem. WHAT A CONCEPT! The shit we do does not define our worth, the stuffs on the inside does.

When I finally figured this out and made it my mission of every day, I started to realize the big U is ready to move tectonic plates to bring you what you want. I now live on the sea with my soulman and my puppy, and laugh for a living. I know with every cell of my being that everything else I want is on the way, too. What a way to live, right?

Joy is my spirituality. No need to juice cleanse, meditate for hours a day, or wear a feather earring on my watch. We'll be digging deep but I promise lots of laughs along the way. Your greatest assignments will be to open yourself to receive loads more joy, intimacy, money, purpose and pleasure. I got you.

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On paper Tory Dube is a certified hypnotherapist, holistic nutritionist and Life Coach through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. In action, she’s a transformational coach - guiding visionaries into new levels of leadership, wealth and impact.

She’s been featured in MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and is the host of the An Excellent Example of Being Human podcast.

Creator of the Excellent Impact Business Accelerator and the Excellent Example Mindset Academy, she helps leaders reclaim their power and amplify their impact and income.

Tory’s mission is to to embolden entrepreneurs to embody their message - not just become internet influencers. She’s constantly asking, ‘Who are you if the internet crashes?’ This philosophy not only creates powerful leaders and world shifters in business but also in the offline ‘real world.’ She’s worked with hundreds of women (and a few men!) worldwide building a multiple 6-figure business from her San Diego home with her fiancé and puppy.

You can learn more and connect with Tory at ToryDube.com


Accepted to University of New Hampshire’s prestigious Whittemore School of Business on an academic scholarship

Left UNH sophomore year after being accepted into Broadway Dance Center’s elite dance program

Created the now annual ‘Summer Sizzle’ celebration of life for patients and families at New-York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital. This event draws 300 attendees each year.

Managed international non-profit Life Vest Inside’s promotional team, growing membership to over 25,000 participants in 25 countries. Choreographed and co-managed a world-wide flashmob.

Authored and published two children’s books that focus on the power of kindness to oneself and others.

Hosts international wellness retreats.


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