You’re a leader.

Whether in the workplace, in your own business, in your community or in your family - you’re willing to go first.

Even when everyone you know is scared, stuck or unwilling to want more.

You do.

You know, in your bones, that you’re meant for more money, more freedom and more fun. And that you can lead your family and tribe to this new reality.

The only problem is - you just don’t know how to get there from where you are right now.

Great news: you’re totally right - you CAN have more money, freedom and fun.

Also great news: I can help you bridge the gap. Without buying another course, flying to a retreat in the jungle or chugging green juice.

Whether you want to start and grow a soulful business, find your soul partner or just welcome in more joy to exactly what is… I can help you.

As my friend Laura Belgray says, “You can put it on your vision board or you can put it on your calendar.”

We put it on your calendar.

(OK, we put it on our vision boards too.)

Tory brought instant awareness to a multitude of ways that I was blocking my own happiness, denying what I was missing in my life and also shed light on how I had been undervaluing myself, professionally.

Now, I’m making more money. And I’m pretty thrilled about it.
— Shelly Shenoy | NYC VO ARTIST
I also no longer believe that I am a broke bitch or that having broke bitch thoughts will attract abundance into my life.

What I wasn’t expecting was the universe to show me I was on the right path so rapidly and for results to transform me so deeply and quickly.
— Nikki Raney

Hi, I’m Tory

Given the synchronistic, down-right-insane miracles that have come through my life - amidst trauma, heartache and sickness - I won’t ever doubt the power of integrity (ah hem, manifestation kit) + inspired, bold action.

I now live in San Diego with my Broccoli Man and puppy, Rango. We’re tying the knot in October (the two humans, not the dog). (Whole pod about the strange & magnificent unfurling of it all, it’s a good one - listen!)

As the Director of Client Success for Super Connector Media in New York City - I guide experts and entrepreneurs into new levels of leadership, wealth and impact by connecting them to ideal media opportunities.

After running my own coaching practice for 4 years, my greatest dream was to join and lead a team. And have one foot in NYC again…somehow.

So when Super Connector Media offered me the position out of the blue (also another pod, is this getting weird?) I knew this is exactly what I had been asking for.

Now I connect lovers & worldshifters to main stream media. Instead of serving a handful of clients, I now have the capacity to influence millions of people through the brilliance of our epic soul-centered entrepreneurs and experts!

If you’re a lover or worldshifter that’d like to apply to our next premier event connecting experts with the media, click the button below.


Professional Bio

On paper, Tory Dube is a certified hypnotherapist, holistic nutritionist and Life Coach through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

In action, she’s the Director of Client Growth with NYC’s Super Connector Media, guiding visionaries into new levels of leadership, wealth and impact. She’s been featured in MindBodyGreen, Elephant Journal and is the host of the An Excellent Example of Being Human podcast.

Tory’s mission is to embolden entrepreneurs to embody their message in their life away from the computer - not just become internet influencers. She’s constantly asking, ‘Who are you if the internet crashes?’ This philosophy not only creates powerful leaders and world shifters in business but also in the offline ‘real world.’

She believes linking soul-centered entrepreneurs and experts with mainstream media opportunities will be the catalyst for the positive paradigm shifts this world is so ready for.

She’s worked with women (and a few men!) worldwide building a multiple 6-figure business from her San Diego home with her fiancé and puppy.

You can learn more and connect with Tory at


  • Accepted to University of New Hampshire’s prestigious Whittemore School of Business on an academic scholarship

  • Left UNH sophomore year after being accepted into Broadway Dance Center’s elite dance program

  • Created the now annual ‘Summer Sizzle’ celebration of life for patients and families at New-York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital. This event draws 300 attendees each year.

  • Managed international non-profit Life Vest Inside’s promotional team, growing membership to over 25,000 participants in 25 countries. Choreographed and co-managed a world-wide flashmob.

  • Authored and published two children’s books that focus on the power of kindness to oneself and others.

  • Hosts international wellness retreats.

  • Director of Client Growth for Super Connector Media

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