You wake up each morning with a choice.

You can be victim to your chaotic schedule-- allowing everyone and everything to determine your mood, level of fulfillment, and worth. 


You can choose. You can choose what you deserve to feel, how you want to feel it, and when you feel it. 

Upon waking, there's a small window of opportunity to capitalize on the blank page that is your day.

Reality is solely defined by the perception goggles you choose to don for the day. Unfortunately, many of us habitually choose to feel like we are slaves to the system. 

We hit snooze 7 times, get up at the last minute, rush around the house getting ready, speed to work-- usually arriving without any memory of how we got there. We work long hours, go home to drink/smoke/watch TV/get lost in social media, sleep poorly, repeat.

The day could be radically different if BEFORE we got out of bed we thought good thoughts, to act good acts, to be good humans.

Thoughts become actions. Actions become your relationships, your successes, your health, your happiness.

Lucky for us, perception is just like a muscle. With a little exercise, it can be retrained. 

How would your day be different if you felt loved, fulfilled, confident, and purposeful?

The biggest lie we've ever accepted is that what you DO is more important than who you BE.


For the next 30 days, live on your terms. Before you build the muscles to don gratitude/love/abundance goggles yourself, let me do the work. I throw out a concept. You chew on it, allow it to permeate your thinking, live your day. After 30 days, you'll have built new neural pathways. The best thing about growth is you rarely go backwards-- once you know, you can't un-know. Most likely, you'll be forever changed. 

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