22 Days to Unstuck: How to get out of your own way

A video course of small daily steps.



Do any of these sound familiar to you?


— always think about the negative first, rather than the positive

— feel lost & confused about where to go next in life

— experience crippling anxiety

— are uncomfortable in your own skin

— constantly feel stressed & stretched for time

— are always tired & uninspired

— suffer from insecurity & lack of self-confidence

— are surrounded by nagging or toxic people

— attract the losers but never ‘the one’

— binge eat or don’t eat at all

— know something better is out there … but have no idea how to get it

— are always just scrapping by financially, even if you get a pay raise


If you recognize any of these, this video course is for you.


‘What’s that?’ you say. ‘How can one video course fix all of that? Each situation or issue is totally different!’

They may sound different but they really aren’t. At their core, each one is a SYMPTOM of THE SAME OBSTACLE: disconnection

Now re-evaluating and revamping your entire life sounds hard and scary, right? It totally can be... if you use the old, shame-based approaches. But I don’t subscribe to the ‘pain is gain’ theory. My teachings focus on reaching for joy and pleasure in all we do— even during the hairiest tasks. 

What’s the course all about?

This course starts at the absolute beginning. This doesn't mean that the course material is only for beginners, it means that I've intentionally designed this process to build from the foundation up.

It’s constructed to help you make huge changes in ‘baby-step’ ways. It’s broken down into 22 steps, so each morning you’re presented with just one small task to focus on. The exercises range from 15 minutes of concentrated work to thinking about a larger topic over the course of the day. You can go for 22 days straight or set the pace to fit your needs. There are no rules. 


In our 22 modules together, you’ll:

  • learn about disconnection-- what it’s doing to your life & how to reframe or remove it 

  • clearly know when you’re disconnected or connected

  • have strategies to put in place when you’re disconnected

  • feel confident

  • feel motivated & excited about the momentum you’re creating

  • be a magnet for what you need-- be it more money, your soulmate, a better body image or dream job 

  • know & feel in your bones that YOU are the creator of your reality

... translation: The power to choose more of what you want and less of what you don't.


This is THE WORK of being a happy, healthy human. Without using this information to inform your decisions, you'll forever be a tumbleweed-- feeling victim to all life throws at you.

Since learning and implementing these principles, so much has shifted. I found my soulpartner, I moved across the country to live on the beach, I have doubled my business-- but none of this compares to the peace, clarity, and confidence I feel. Isn't that really what we're all seeking?


I finally have a lantern after stumbling in the dark for so long.


Some example video modules

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll get in the course:

  • How to use the ‘Like attracts like’ law to receive whatever you wish

  • The essential simple 3-part process for all change

  • Awareness around what's specifically lifting you up and what's dragging you down

  • The confidence to shift any situation from lack to a valuable lesson


Is this course really for me?

I’ll happily admit I’ve been through many (if not all!) of the struggles mentioned earlier on this page. It’s taken me years and years to realize the one core truth – my problems all stemmed from disconnection. And I want to share the benefit of hindsight with you. That’s the whole reason I created this video course.

I want to you to find clarity and use it to implement change to create the best version of you. You need it. You want it. But most of all, you deserve it.

So that is why this course really is for you. Let me guide you along the path of discovering how to flip that nasty disconnect switch right back over to reconnect. You’ll be amazed at what's waiting for you on the other side. 


This course content is valued at over $2400 (or invaluable, if you ask me or my clients!)

Your investment is just $184

Questions? Email tory@torydube.com and I'll get back to you asap.