You're tired of... being tired.

Mornings drag. 

You wake up anxious, groggy, resentful of your schedule. 

You're moody. You're stressed-- if it's not one thing, it's another.

You're over getting tossed around by everyone else's BS.

You've tried dieting but (it sucks and) you can't ever stick with it. 

You re-up that gym membership every January, get resentful of paying for it without going, cancel. Repeat.

You feel shameful for not being more patient, more present, more invested in the most important thing in your life... YOU. 

You know you've got loads more to offer to [yourself/your family/your career], yet you can't find the time, energy, clarity or creativity to get there.

You keeping saying, 'when I have the time I'll fix it.'

Weeks turn into months, months into years.

You still haven't fixed it.


Somewhere deep inside you- you know there's no better day than today to finally have a body that feels good.

Looks good.

Facilitates you showing up confidently and authentically in the world. 

There's no better time than now to invest in your own health and happiness, so you can be the best you for your family, your partner, your job. 

And according to the trend-- you're realizing if you don't just DO IT, you may never actually do it.

I've been there.

I refused to admit I had some pretty nasty secrets for over a decade. They kept me small and insecure.

Instead of cultivating real friendships, I threw myself into an insanely busy schedule.

When boyfriends couldn't compensate for my low self esteem, I blamed them and left. (OK, some left me). 

I switched my career focus numerous times. I felt like I was floundering about.

But then I changed what I put in my body.

I stopped 'dieting' and started listening to my hunger.

I noticed which foods made me feel nourished, and which foods sucked the life out of me. I cut out what didn't serve me.

I checked my self-talk. It wasn't pretty-- so I revamped.

I got honest about my volunteering obsession and realized it wasn't the time. So I stopped, despite my ego.

I stopped hanging out with negative people and their negative attitudes.

I actively filled myself up on inspiration and motivation daily. 

Which changed how I felt in my body.

Suddenly I had the clarity to know what I wanted.

I had the confidence to go get it.

Daily, I implemented my positive psychology and mindfulness tools. 

I took bigger risks.

I overcame 'failures' more quickly, choosing to learn from them instead of get trampled by them. 

I had energy, creativity, loads more love and compassion. 

I started to see every day as a gift, instead of a span of time to slog through until something special was happening (like a holiday or vacation). 

Which changed how I showed up in my body.

In the past year I've:

Launched my second company.

Went from 3 friends to a thriving community that makes me feel loved, bold and brave every day.

Started running. Completed 2 half marathons and the NYC marathon.

Reconnected with my agent and booked my first audition-- a national campaign that resulted in my face on a billboard at Madison Square Garden.

Had over 27K shares of articles I've written. 

Successfully hosted 3 international wellness retreats since I first birthed the idea in 2015.

Had the chance to present my services to the NHL. 

Appeared on the Dr. Oz show.

Landed a pretty sweet gig as the in-house Nutrition Specialist for a chain of juiceries.

And many more, just as important tiny, daily victories.

I can help you get where you want to be.

I am an intuitive healer. When I speak to and/or see you, I channel what you need from me-- and then I guide us there. It comes to me in words, sometimes in pictures. We laugh together, we move together, I tell you what foods to eat, I push you past your edges -- and then you remember who you REALLY are because I've seen it all along.

Clients report feeling a high during our sessions because I am literally raising your vibration. The longer and more frequently you exist in this vibration, the more it becomes muscle memory. That's why my clients not only lose the weight... but also dump the dipshit boyfriend, leave their toxic job, start having orgasms again, learn to salsa, make buttloads of money, etc. 

It's your turn.

'I initially signed up to work with Tory for one-on-one coaching. During this time she was instrumental in helping me change my diet, gain confidence in myself, and helped me change my perspective on life.

In combination with working with my personal trainer, working with Tory resulted in me not only losing all the weight I had been aiming for but a complete transformation physically, mentally, and nutritionally.'

- Dacie B. 

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